Boyle Sculptures

When a person enters my studio he or she can experience my ability to see the world with different eyes and to interpret that world with my 31 years as a professional sculptor.  In my work one can understand my mission, a broad scope of themes, and my developmental process described in this statement.

Art is the way I serve others.  Through my work viewers are offered peace of mind as well as the challenge to think creatively in discovery.  My life-long mission as an artist is fulfilled when viewers of all ages from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds join in the simple act of interpreting sculpture.  It’s the viewer’s interpretation that defines the purpose of the piece and gives meaning to my talents.

My collection includes work that addresses a variety of themes including Irish lore, education/literacy, aging, mental health, human expression in faces, and the fascination of trees.  In addition, my collection represents my passion for understanding the human spirit, ranging from a child’s playful perspective to the insightful journey of the elderly.  And this human spirit is strengthened and nurtured by our relationship with nature and the environment (illustrated in the accompanying photos).

When I begin a piece, the studio is full of chaos, numerous ideas, struggle and undefined possibilities.  I then consider the audience, weigh the outcomes, experiment with technique, and make transitions to order and clarity.  It is my hope that this developmental process gives birth to sculpture that invites the viewers to both appreciate their own gifts and to learn something new about the treasures of the world.